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Kinetik Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Kinetik Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product Information

Kinetik Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor for home use


It is thought that 1 in 4 adults in the UK have high blood pressure and because high blood pressure is non-symptomatic, it can go undetected unless it is checked regularly. If every home owns a blood pressure monitor it will enable people to keep a regular check on their wellbeing and take early action if they have high blood pressure. The Kinetik Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to be an easy way for users to check their blood pressure as part of their daily lives, at home or in the office and features WHO classificaton.

Place the monitor onto your wrist, place your arm flat on a table with the palm facing upwards and in-line with your heart. Inflate the cuff by pressing the start button on the monitor. The process will take approximately 30 seconds, your blood pressure reading will be displayed on the screen of the monitor

Please read the enclosed instructions thoroughly before use. Please keep packaging and instructions for future reference. If you are concerned or in doubt about your condition always consult a doctor or healthcare professional. Keep this product out of reach of children

Product Specification


Size (233) Unit (G) Height (1) Width (1) Depth (1)