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Femmecup Reusable Menstrual Cup One Size

Femmecup Reusable Menstrual Cup One Size

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Product Information

Femmecup Reusable Menstrual Cup One Size

Range: Femmecup Reusable Menstrual Cup

Femmecup reusable menstrual cup; discreet, comfortable, healthy, green, low cost period protection


Femmecup is made of 100% pure medical grade silicone; it is hypo-allergenic, soft and smooth. The shape of the cup is designed specifically to aid easy insertion and correct placement once inside your vagina. The stem at the base of the cup acts like the string on a tampon aiding easy removal. The whole cup is made of beautiful, crystal clear silicone and is smooth for easy cleaning. The stem is also solid (not hollow) to aid easy cleaning and hygiene.


Femmecup reusable menstrual cup offers discreet, comfortable, safe, healthy, green, low cost protection right through your period. No need to carry bulky spares, no soggy strings or wrinkled wings and no nasty odour. Femmecup can be worn internally in place of a tampon for 12 hours with no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Save up to 97% when you switch from tampons to Femmecup. Almost 40% of women that make the change find their menstrual cramps are reduced and often disappear completely. Menstrual cups are now used by millions of women Worldwide. They are the latest, greatest period protection!

Warnings or Restrictions

For hygiene reasons Femmecup should be removed and cleaned a minimum of every 12 hours.

Product Specification


100% medical grade inert silicone


Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (6) Width (7.5) Depth (7.5)


All Femmecup packaging components are recyclable card and paper.

How to Use

Product Uses

Insertion: 1. Clean your Femmecup and your hands thoroughly before use; 2. Find a comfortable position that works for you; 3. Press the sides of the cup together and then fold it in half again; 4. Hold the folded sides firmly between your thumb and forefinger; 5. Using your free hand open your labia and then gently guide the Femmecup in. The entire cup and stem should be just inside your vagina, lower than a tampon; 6. To make sure it is fully open, gently rotate the cup, this will prevent leaks. Off to you go and enjoy your day! Removal: 1. First wash your hands and rinse them thoroughly with clean water; 2. Find a position that you are comfortable with; 3. Grasp the stem or base of the cup and pull down gently, release the seal as you remove the cup by pinching the base of the cup or by inserting a finger alongside Femmecup; 4. Once most of the Femmecup is out of your vagina gently tilt the cup to remove the first side of the rim and then do the same in the other direction to remove the rest of the cup; 5. Empty your Femmecup, wash and reinsert. Off you go and enjoy your day!