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Elegant Touch Polished Nails Coral

Elegant Touch Polished Nails Coral

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Product Information

Elegant Touch Polished Nails Coral

Range: Polished Nails

24 nails in 10 sizes with super adhesive tabs


Polished nails are a clever way to get long-lasting colour with a perfect finish. UV Gel technology provides that added benefit of a salon gel meaning the nail won't chip, the top coat won't scratch and the nail stays bright and strong for the entire wear.

Warnings or Restrictions

Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply on weak damaged or infected nails. Do not forcibly remove.

Product Specification


Adhesive Tab Ingredients: Ethylhexyl Acrylate, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Acrylic Acid.


Size (1) Unit (EA) Height (15) Width (7.5) Depth (1)

How to Use

Product Uses

1 ? Prepare nails by gently pushing back cuticles. Clean nails with an acetone based polish remover to ensure nail is free from moisture and any natural oils.

2 ? Select the correct size Super Adhesive Tab. Place the side of the Super Adhesive Tab that best fits your cuticle shape, whether it is the curved or straight side.

3 ? Apply the Super Adhesive Tab on the natural nail starting from the cuticle. Smooth out the Super Adhesive Tab so that it is spread out evenly on the natural nail.

4 ? Select the correct size press-on nail for each finger. Peel the Protective Film off the Super Adhesive Tab. Hold the nail tip or application tab. Place nail up to, but not touching your cuticle. Apply the press-on nail from the cuticle angling at 45 degrees.

The thinner and more curved end should sit at the base of your natural nail, near to your cuticle.

This thinner edge gives a more natural look, reducing the ridge between the false nail and your natural nail. The thicker, more squared end has the size number embossed on it and this end should be at the top, free edge of your natural nail. This thicker edge is stronger for longer lasting wear.

5 ? Press down firmly on the press-on nail to activate the adhesion of the tab. Repeat for all nails.

6 ? If the press-on nails have application tabs. Remove application tabs by bending down and then up, towards the cuticle.