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DermaSox Moisturising Diabetic Foot Treatment Socks S/M

DermaSox Moisturising Diabetic Foot Treatment Socks S/M

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Product Information

DermaSox Moisturising Diabetic Foot Treatment Socks S/M

Range: DermaSox - Foot Treatment System - Moisturising Socks

Specially treated seam-free 'diabetic design' sock to moisturise and hydrate foot skin, for diabetic foot-care and all those with 'at risk' feet


Each pack lasts 60 days treatment PLUS you have the perfect seam-free sock for ever-day wear after treatment period, offering value for money. Latex free. This unique product is dual purpose and could help thousands of people who suffer from dry, cracked skin on the feet from serious foot conditions if abrasions go undetected. Just by wearing the socks they protect AND moisturize the foot. Designed for those with diabetes and all with ?at risk' feet. If foot cuts or injuries go unnoticed diabetes may damage blood vessels and nerves, especially if blood glucose is poorly controlled. Poor circulation and nerve damage can cause cuts or other injuries to go unnoticed ? which can lead to poorly healing ulcers or sores. A message from ?Diabetes UK says people with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital with a foot ulcer than anything else. The reduced sensation you experience when you have diabetes is particularly problematic on the feet. Protecting the feet starts with a quality diabetic designed sock and moisturisation to keep the skin hydrated and safe. Proper foot care takes time-management, the problem is many people simply don't have time. However by wearing DermaSox they could help prevent complications arising. DermaSox is also suitable for those with sensitive skin and non-diabetics as the socks are made for everyone with ?at risk' feet. Suitable and safe for everyone.


The ideal foot treatment for those who have diabetes and all those with at risk' feet who are concerned about hard dry skin and cracked heels. They are specially treated anklet socks, sports cut to moisture and protect feet for a great price! Dermatologically proven and independently tested for safety and efficacy. The socks, approved by leading foot specialists, holds the APMA seal of approval. These seamless socks, with padded layers on stress zones, protect the sensitive and sore-prone areas of your foot while eliminating rubbing and chaffing and also moisturizes and hydrates skin on the foot whilst you wear them, all at the same time! DermaSox are truly exceptional, they are diabetic designed seam-free socks PLUS foot treatment for very dry skin combined in one unique product. The socks are easy stretch and seam- less for comfort and safety. Simply wear straight from the pack, to refresh, hand-wash mild detergent and air dry. Treatment formula remains in fabric up to 30 hand washes per pair. DermaSox are best worn 6-8 hours per day for maximum benefit and protection, wear comfortably under light day socks, while relaxing at home, on the move or during exercise.

Product Specification


Bamboo, Bamboo Charcoal Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Polyester,Shea Butter, Aloe Vera,Vitamin E


Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (10) Width (5) Depth (5)


product pack cardboard, inner plastic bag

How to Use

Product Uses

wear 6-8 hours per day, use straight from the pack