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Babyliss i-stubble 7890U
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Babyliss i-stubble 7890U

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Product Information

Babyliss i-stubble 7890U

Range: Mens Grooming

Maintain your look, everyday with the next generation in stubble control




-Unique floating contouring head tracks the curves of your face for exceptional accuracy and comfort.

-Motorised length control from a 0.4mm shadow with precise automatic adjustments for ultimate accuracy.

-Advanced power performance with long-lasting dual battery system for reliable and fast stubble shaving.

-Advanced blade technology with electro-chemically sharpened blades for extreme sharpness and durability.

-LCD screen displays selected length and charge level.

-Protective comb guide delivers ultimate length consistency, removable for easy cleaning.

-Rapid charging system, 90 minute charge provides 45 minutes use or 5 minutes quick charge for a single stubble shave.

-Shaver-style power lead for convenient rechargeable or corded use in the bathroom. Also includes a standard 3-pin plug adaptor.

-Ergonomic design with curved body for easy control and complete comfort in use.

-3 Year Guarantee.


The BaByliss For Men i-stubble has 15 ultra precise length settings, so you can maintain your preferred facial hair style at all times. Whether you're looking for a short shadow look, a longer stubble look, or even a short beard, the i-stubble is the ultimate in stubble control. The

motorised length control gives precise adjustment from a 0.4mm

shadow so you can get exactly the look you want. Its unique floating

contouring head tracks the curves of your face for exceptional accuracy and comfort to give you an ultra precise stubble shave.

Warnings or Restrictions

WARNING: Do not immerse into water or other liquids.

-Always inspect the appliance before use for noticeable signs of damage. Do not use if damaged or if the appliance has been dropped.

-In the event of damage, contact the Conair Customer Care Line (refer to UK After Sales Service section for further information).

-Do not use the appliance if the cord is damaged.

-Do not leave the appliance unattended when switched on.

-Do not place the appliance on any surface whilst in operation.

-Before use check that the voltage of the electrical supply corresponds with the voltage indicated on the appliance.

-This appliance should not be used by adults or children whose lack of experience, product knowledge or disability might cause a hazard, unless they have been correctly instructed and are adequately supervised.

-Children should always be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this product.

-Special care is required when using the appliance close to the ears, eyes, neck and face.

-Always switch off and unplug the appliance when cleaning and when not in use.

-This appliance contains Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. To protect the environment this appliance and its batteries must be disposed of safely. At the end of its life, please take this appliance to a recycling centre.

-If the battery is leaking do not touch it and take it to a recycling centre.

Product Specification


Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (23.7) Width (19) Depth (9)

How to Use

Product Uses


-Use on clean, dry hair.

-If possible, when using for the first time, try and grow your facial hair for a few days before cutting so you can trim down to a level that is best for you.

-Set the cutting length as required.

-It is always best to start cutting with a longer length first, then trim again if the length is longer than desired.

-Hold the i-stubble against the hair, the teeth of the comb guide should be pointing upwards and should be flat against the face.

-Move the trimmer upwards through the hair, a little at a time, against the direction of hair growth. The floating and contouring head will follow the curves of your face to ensure both accuracy and comfort.

-The i-stubble will work most effectively when cutting through the hair at its own speed never force through the hair. You may experience a little resistance when trimming the neck area, where hair is thicker and grows in many different directions. This is completely normal.

-Just like shaving, extra time should be given when trimming under the neck area, as again this is where hairs grow in many different directions.

-Never switch the trimmer off whilst in the hair.

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